The award-winning film DEEP HUNTERS focuses on the shark and its importance to the planetary ecological community. Divers observe and photograph electrifying feeding and attack behaviors of the Caribbean gray shark without the confines of protective cages.

DEEP HUNTERS has been broadcast throughout the United States, Canada, France, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Russia, and other countries.

From the first time we ventured beneath the surface and were overwhelmed by the stunning beauty of the underwater world, it has been our objective to share this beauty with as many people as possible. This urge is not completely altruistic. It is what we like to call "enlightened self interest" — that which serves the self not at the expense of the whole but rather through service to the whole. Within a short period of time we could visibly see a degradation of this beauty and we would like to preserve it for our enjoyment — and yours.

Originally, we chose the medium of film and video, partly as a result of the influence of the "Godfather of the Underwater World" Jacques Cousteau, and also we saw it as the medium that would reach the most people the fastest with our message. We were successful with even our first efforts, with our films being viewed by millions of people around the world.

We hope you enjoy these images and find that they enrich you in some way.


Journey underwater among the coral reefs of Hawaii, Grand Cayman Island and the Bahamas in DEEP COLOR, the first of The Sea Within films by Austin, Texas, filmmaker and photographer Greg Whiteley. Shimmering schools of fish and intricate coral formations punctuate the oceanic vastness with life forms both strange and beautiful to the human eye. Colorful "gardens" of sea life and territorial sharks inhabit this world we are just beginning to explore.

As DEEP COLOR reveals man's vital connection with the ocean, it becomes clear how our present day actions can severely jeopardize the delicate balance of the living reefs.